Korean Bus Set Expansion
Korean Suin Narrow Gauge Railway
LCT Vehicles Set
(Old name : Dongun Pencil Aircraft Set)

  Korean Suin Narrow Gauge Railway
  Stable Version : v0.3.2

  Download (Bananas)

  This NewGRF adds narrow gauge Suin-line in South Korea in 90's.
This NewGRF Contains Passenger Car, Freight Car, Diesel Car, Steam Engine for Suin-line.

  History :
  - Suin Line Passenger Car

  - Suin Line Engine v1 (Diesel)
  - Suin Line Engine v2 (Diesel)

  - Suin Line Engine 'Hyeogi' (Steam)
  - Speed, Capacity, Cost parameters

  - 762mm Narrow Gauge Railway

  - Tunnel, Bridge, Icons for 762mm Narrow Gauge Railway.

  Will be update :
  Sorry, I have no idea and code for update.

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