Korean Bus Set Expansion
Korean Suin Narrow Gauge Railway
LCT Vehicles Set
(Old name : Dongun Pencil Aircraft Set)

  Korean Bus Set Expansion
  Stable Version : v11_1

  Download (Bananas)
  Download Source (Dropbox)

  It's remade version of Korean Bus Set. Korean buses and trams by Hyundai, Daewoo and more.

  History :
  - Daewoo BS090, Daewoo BS106, Hyundai New Super Aero City, Daewoo BH116

  - Daewoo BF101

  - Hyundai County, Hyundai Aero Space

  - Buyeong Bus, Seoul, Busan Streetcar, Hyundai Catenary-free Low-floor Tram

  - County's sprite is bigger than older

  - BF101 can carry armoured

  - Fixed BF101's sprites wasn't unique sprites.

  - Hyundai Porter, Hyundai GreenCity
  - Hyundai Aero Space can't transport armored at now.
  - Cost and running cost are changed like other vehicles(Original vehicles or NewGRF vehicles).

  - Acceleration parameters

  - No more incorrect information error

  Will be update :
  Sorry, I have no idea for update.
  But, I can hear your idea! Please comment your nice idea.

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